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About us

Cina Legal works with international clients from various industries. Whether you are related to IT, food industry or entertainment & media, we can help you to find the best solution for your legal processes. Our expert team uses best practice gathered in years of working experience. In-depth knowledge of Corporate Law, Bankruptcy, Intellectual Property and many other fields enables us to develop integrated strategies for your legal administration.

Our advantages

Working with Cina Legal you can:

Enhance your business potential

Implement fast & smart solutions

Keep your business completely secure

What we do


Incorporations, registration and formations

Just starting your own business? We can help you with forming a corporate entity or company, registering it and managing all formal issues connected with establishing a business


Change of controllers and beneficial owners

In a fast-paced world your business may face the problem of changing Legal representatives, Director(s) or other authorized signatories, Shareholders, Beneficial Owners, and other legal persons with significant control. You can entrust it to us


Corporate governance

Good company runs like clockwork. If you want your business to be efficient, we can adjust the corporate governance to meet your business needs


Debt and equity financing

If you grow and want to attract investment, Cina Legal may help you with all formal issues related to the issuing of shares and bonds. Our consultants may also help to choose the best financing option for your company.


Formal legal opinions

Doubt any legal issue? Our expert team will write a legal opinion letter in the shortest terms. We assemble several specialists to make sure you will get a correct and comprehensive letter


Solvent restructuring and liquidations

Restructuration or closure of business needs to be resolved correctly to efficiently distribute the assets to claimants. Our team will analyze your company and provide you with the best strategy for your case

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